“Ann-Mary Kay's sweet soul takes you on a ride throughout her lushly produced project of originals.  Martin Bejerano balances a bold harmonic underbelly in support of Ann-Mary's songs of world awareness and love, using her vocals as both lyrical and string arrangements.  It's not about category or genre, so much as state of mind and sensibility.  You can get your groove on while feeling her sweetness come shining through.” Lauren Kinhan, Vocalist & Songwriter of New York Voices.


"I enjoyed listening to Ann Mary Kay’s album. It is both beautiful and unpredictable, while her voice just soars over the top."

~Gabrial McNair of No Doubt.

“Another Way Home” is gorgeous.  It’s a joy to listen to this album full of songs that you can swim inside of.  While Ann-Mary draws you in with her warm voice, singing about themes of love, discovery and celebration, Martin Bejerano provides ever-creative beds of grooves, textures, and ear-candy.  The two are a wonderful team, perfectly complementing each other musically.  Ann-Mary’s vocal harmonies weave lovely tapestries throughout the whole record, threading in and out of chord progressions that are familiar and surprising all at once.  The interplay between the vocals and Martin’s production is stellar, and it is never predictable, making this a treat to listen to.  It’s a beautiful work.” Alex Lacamoire, Tony and Grammy Award winning Music Director, Arranger & Orchestrator (Hamilton, In the Heights, Dear Evan Hansen).

“Hearing Ann-Mary Kay's voice, for me, is like getting a refreshing breath of rarified air, clearing my head and regenerating my senses...I can explain why: she has a pure tone, that focuses in on the mysteries implicit in the simplicity of her melodic composition; and, the quality of her lyrics, that tell wistful stories in unique perspectives, made even more vivid by that sweet, pure tone. As she weaves these qualities on top of the incredibly imaginative sonic landscapes that surround her, the result for me is that of listening to a rare, Nordic-inspired, combination of traditional, beautiful musical sororities with modern, eccentric frameworks, that constantly refresh and delight. A treat for the ear, and the soul!” David Siegel, Multi Platinum Songwriter & Producer (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera & many others).

“NYC-based Singer/Songwriter Ann-Mary Kay released her new album Another Way Home on October 1st. Her mellow vibes and electric background bring each piece fully together. The first track, “Never Alone,” features a distorted electric guitar with Ann-Mary’s enchanting voice over top. Another Way Home sticks to coffeeshop vibes throughout the ten tracks. Her sweet-song voice carries one through each melody line. Check out the rest of the record below.” Kryptonite Music Magazine


Ann-Mary Kay’s Single ‘Drifting Away’ has been reviewed by the leading Scandinavian music magazine GAFFA, and featured on the list of 11 essential songs you must listen to in October:


The Singer with the euphonious name has Danish roots, but lives in New York. After a backpacking trip to foreign music cultures she was inspired by the wildness of nature and not least her insatiable curiosity about life. Her latest single from her coming Album Another Way Home reflects and explores, with her bright and delightful vocals as the centre of rotation.” GAFFA Music Magazine

"The Danish Singer Ann-Mary Kay explores the sound-landscapes with ‘Another Way Home’. With luscious vocal harmonies as the corner stone, her light, resilient pop melodies are delivered with sparse piano and guitar arrangements or on top of crackling electronic beats, that rough up her smooth expression. The melodies never really rest in specific sound structures, but are instead experimenting with different instrumental expressions, like the heavy distortion guitar on 'Never Alone', the club beat on 'I Choose' or the fast funk-synth on 'Butterflies'. It quickly becomes clear though, that the core of the songs is the mysterious singer-songwriting with roots in the vocal a cappella tradition." GAFFA Music Magazine.